Monday, July 9, 2012

Spinning yarn with my drop spindle and loving it.

 A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Grayslake, IL and shopped for wool at Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Festival at the Lake County Fairgrounds.  I purchased two bundles of wool that were bright and cheerful and made me smile.  This is the first one. Since I began spinning with a drop spindle about 6 months ago I have been practicing and practicing. At first I made singles and have knitted a couple of things out of the first singles I made. Now I am spinning singles and have learned how to ply them and create yarn that actually looks like the real thing.

The singles to the left here and the close up photo below are made from the roving above. I am plying these with some orange wool with silk roving that I had begun spinning about a month ago.  So far I have plyed 3 skeins and am working my way through 4 more. When they are all done I will post a picture.
This is the wool batt that I purchase and have not yet spun.  Will let you know how it turns out.

 Happy, happy wool!

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