Friday, July 20, 2012

More stories ... bought a new tool and began working on felted wool scarves etc. ...again.

 So, I saw this tool being used by another felted wool artist in her blog so I ordered one just to try. I was kinda dreading another season of really sore arms and my husband's too busy to help me roll.

I tried it on a silk piece that I dyed a little while ago. I added this great silvery grey and white tussah silk yarn with a bit of green in it here and there from River's Edge Fiber Arts

So here is the silk and wool being felted using my new tool from Heartfelt Silks  Instead of using the mesh that comes with the tool I used plastic with a bit of water and soap. The mesh tended to get felted to my wool very quickly.
I use a washboard for fulling my silk scarves. Its a nice large one that has a well for water on one end. I find this old tool is the easiest and quickest way to get the results I want.

Here is the finished product.  Its very thin wool on the silk scarf and has just the right amount of details on the edges with its little wisps of wool.

The ends have a bit more wool with tassles.

So light one can wear it with a t-shirt. No need to wait for cooler weather.

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