Thursday, October 28, 2010

Have a little Kahlua with my Jacob fleece

This is "Kahlua" a Jacob sheep from Hillspring Eco-Farm in Wisconsin. I purchase the fleece from this beautiful sheep in September. This morning I received this picture from Linda - the owner - and I am inspired to process the fleece this weekend and move on to create something from the wool.
I've been busy since September. I was getting ready for Cider & Cinnamon (all those wonderful pumpkins had to be needled for that show). So, the fleece has been hanging in my garage since then. I must admit to being a bit intimidated at the prospect of cleaning all the wool. It is my first time at processing a fleece. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained! So, I've got my 5 gallon buckets and my soap and I will give it a go.

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