Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alpaca Wool

I'm always interested in new sources of wool for felting and last year I picked up some alpaca roving which is very light weight and very warm. So, I was very pleased when I found an advertisement for suri alpaca on Craig's List here in Rockford. Sue Reilly in Rockton (just north of here) raises her own alpaca herd. She started with just a couple of animals and has multiplied them and now has 5 or so. She processed their wool and has some very nice spun alpaca in both natural browns (dark and medium) as well as cream and this beautiful steel blue that I just couldn't resist. I bought a couple of skeins (very reasonable price) and am looking forward to knitting it up into something. Maybe I'll see if I have enough for a shrug. I also bought 21 ounces of roving - white with silk noil in it. While I was there Sue was so gracious and stood by while I felted a small piece to see how it was. It will felt nicely, so soft and it will drape really beautifully. Can't wait to make a wrap with it. Maybe over some handdyed or painted silk. If you want some great alpaca wool e-mail Sue at

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